Chairman's Desk

Ashwin Gupta

The India Steel Limited, Group’s strength and the source of its success is our long-term relationship with our customers, suppliers, employees and associates. We strive to not only meet customers’ expectations as they have grown accustomed to a standard of excellence from us, but exceed them in every way. We aim to continuously improve our plants, production capacity and service to keep up with and ahead of the industry. As a result, we are always expanding our product range and increasing volumes.

We bank on stainless steel as the resource of the future. It is an environmentally friendly, recyclable material, and hence light on natural resources as negligible fresh mining is required. The low maintenance, strength and long life of stainless steel make it the preferred material of choice in quality-conscious industries like construction, chemicals, food-processing, electronics and automotive parts.

India is mature in the world stainless steel industry, with ever-increasing product-range & capacities. There is a growing pool of skilled labour and technical staff who are capable of managing metallurgical & process parameters of stainless steel. India Steel Works is poised at the forefront of the Indian stainless steel industry, and its strategic location is perfect for capitalizing on this. The plants, located just outside the thriving hub of Mumbai city, are close to the ports, perfect for international shipment, and at the hub of the Indian highway system for domestic transport

We believe that in staying true to our motto of “Inner Vision. Global Action” we can maintain our relationships with all our stakeholders, grow continuously, and match the world’s best in stainless steel.